What You Should be Doing NOW in a Bear Market and Recession  

What You Should Be Doing NOW in a Bear Market and Recession

If you are retiring soon, there are strategic considerations you need to make if you need your investment portfolio for income and growth.

  • Concerned about market declines? Learn the steps professional investors take to manage risk and find opportunities in today's financial markets.
  • Is your health changing? Find out what you can do now to preserve capital while still creating income and growth for future expenses.

All this and more are discussed in this month's Retirement Red Zone. The best part is, that we answered all these questions and made this easy for you.  Just watch this video and enjoy.

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Do you desire to preserve the gains of the past few years?  Do you need to keep your portfolio growing and producing income even during a recession?  Are you frustrated with recent declines in your portfolio?

There are strategic actions we can take to protect your portfolio in a recession. 

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