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Where ever you find yourself on the path to retirement, we've got what you need to know!

Quiver Financial News

Where ever you find yourself on the path to retirement, we've got what you need to know!

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What is Stagflation

What is Stagflation?

Stagflation is a relatively new word. Its first known usage was in 1964 by British politician Iain Mcleod. It described a very new, very dangerous economic problem where prices and unemployment increased simultaneously.

But honestly, we don't talk about it much. It's very rare and requires a perfect storm of conditions to occur. Lately, however, people worry that post-pandemic conditions might create that perfect storm again.

medical conditions and long term disability

What Medical Conditions Qualify for Long Term Disability?

Long-term disability insurance helps protect workers from losing their income after they sustain a serious injury, illness, or other condition that leaves them unable to work for years at a time.

And, believe it or not, the conditions that could lead to long-term disability are more common than you'd think. Looking over the list, you might get the feeling that it could...


How Unretiring May Impact Your Social Security

When they were first introduced in 1935, Social Security retirement benefits were a game changer. It ensured that retirees aged 65 and older could receive an income even after leaving the workforce.

Over the years, retirement options have expanded. New account options, new retirement protection laws, and new investment opportunities help workers supplement their Social Security benefits and create their dream retirement.

How student loan forgiveness with impact the markets

How Student Loan Forgiveness Will Impact the Markets

Student loan forgiveness has been a hot topic in the news over the past several months. That's because U.S. President Joe Biden recently unveiled a plan to forgive a large amount of student loan debt for millions of Americans.

This could put a lot of spending money into the pockets of many student loan borrowers. It's only a matter of time before that money works its way back into the economy, buoying private businesses and improving the stock market...

Is Disability Insurance Right for You?

Is Disability Insurance Right for You?

Like life insurance, disability insurance can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss. Imagining a situation where we become injured, sick, or otherwise unable to work can be understandably stressful and worrisome.

But we shouldn't avoid it.

I like facing topics like this head-on because they always conjure questions that need answering. And the...

recession vs depression

Recession vs Depression

October 24, 1929 was a Thursday.

The decade leading up to that day was one of carefree affluence. Thanks to a combination of more jobs, higher wages, and expanded access to credit, the middle class had more buying power than ever before.

As luck would have it, there was an abundance of things to buy. Henry Ford's assembly line meant companies could now mass produce goods quickly and cheaply. Consumerism took...

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Top 5 Benefits of Hiring a Financial Advisor

Financial advisors exist to help you make more informed and responsible financial decisions. Whether your goal is to build wealth, retire early, or manage your estate, they can provide the information and expertise you need to do so. In a world with automated "robo advisors," understanding the benefits of hiring a personal financial advisor can help you understand how important and helpful they can be.

Today, we're discussing the top 5 benefits of hiring a financial advisor to help...

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Is the Real Estate Market Going to Crash?

Over the past two years, we've seen massive supply chain issues, rising energy and food prices, sharply rising inflation, and fear of a recession on the horizon. Many are now asking, will any of these factors cause the real estate bubble to pop?

It's a sensible question, considering the run-up in real estate prices since the end of the pandemic. Is another 2008 housing crisis on the horizon, or will the Federal Reserve...

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401(k) Calculator

We discuss 401k plans a lot.

That's because retirement planning is important to us. Retirement can represent a quarter of a person's life. Social security helps, but 401ks offer so much more for retirement savers. And 401k calculators can help make sure you get the retirement you deserve.

Using a 401k calculator forces you to think about your retirement in new ways. They offer great opportunities for making important decisions and maximizing your retirement contributions.

FOMO & Investing

FOMO & Investing

In the social media age, we've become increasingly connected to those around us. Because most people share only the positive details of their lives, it sometimes gives the appearance that everyone else is having fun or experiencing success while we're at home, looking at our phones.

Because of this, the fear of missing out (FOMO) has become a common experience...

Social Security Increase 2023

Social Security Increase- What You Need to Know

Social Security beneficiaries can expect a pay increase next year.

Thanks to rising inflation (which could already be affecting your retirement), the cost of living has gone up. Experts expect the COLA for 2023 to have a nearly double-digit increase. Right now, estimates are at 9.6%...

The Crytpo Crash Explained

The Crypto Crash Explained

The past decade saw a lot of success for cryptocurrency. Crypto investors viewed digital currencies as a strong alternative to fiat currencies, like the dollar. Buying Bitcoin and Ethereum helped some investors amass fortunes. Excitement for decentralized finance grew and new crypto companies sprang up every day.

Then came the crash. Values for major coins dropped rapidly. Within days, billions of dollars were lost...

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Are We Headed Toward a Recession?

As we approach the middle of 2022, many are asking “Are we headed for a recession?”.

Considering recessions are when most investors incur losses within their portfolios, it is worthwhile to invest a few moments to contemplate the question...

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Risks of Leaving Your 401(K) Behind

401(k) plans are one of the most popular ways to save for retirement. This is partially because modern employers typically offer a 401k to their employees instead of a traditional pension plan. While this availability makes owning and contributing to a 401k easy, it also makes forgetting about your account...

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Investing in a Bear Market

Simply put, a bear market is one where stock prices fall for a sustained period. This can happen to the market as a whole or to specific market indexes. For instance, the S&P 500 Index can experience an extended downturn and fall into a bear market. Typically, it's...

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5 Shocking 401(k) Statistics

For many reasons, 401ks are one of the most popular ways for workers to save for retirement. But, despite these benefits, there are some shocking truths about the relationships workers and businesses have with 401k plans.

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How Much Will You Need to Retire?

As we help people prepare for retirement, one big question comes up all the time: "How much will I need to retire?" Unfortunately, the exact amount needed is different for everyone. However, there are steps you can take to determine on your own how much you need to retire comfortably.

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Top 10 Retirement Quotes

Most of the time when we prepare for retirement, it's too far ahead for us to see it clearly.

These quotes bring levity, wisdom, and reassurance to those experiencing a moment of doubt. And, to those not experiencing that doubt, these quotes can still help us learn what to expect and that our efforts are worth it.

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How Inflation May Impact Your Retirement

Small increases in inflation can have significant consequences to a retiree's investment portfolio. How do you invest your savings during retirement in a new inflationary reality?

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Money Saving Tips for Retirees

Many retirees live on a more or less fixed income. Because of this, learning how to save money while retired can help you manage your personal finances. There are many actions you can take to minimize your financial output and help extend the life of your retirement savings.

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How Secure Act 2.0 May Impact Retirement for Boomers

The Secure Act 2.0 is a piece of legislation that may help Baby Boomers optimize their retirement savings plans in several ways.

The House of Representatives recently...

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Using the Herd to Your Advantage

Buy low. Sell high, is what they say to do when investing.

Sounds like a prudent investment plan, right? Well, when it comes to investing in crypto, stocks or any risk asset that can spark the animal spirits of - fear and greed...

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Roll Over Your 401(k) in 3 Easy Steps

If you've left your job but still have a 401(k) with your former employer or you're retiring, you may have questions about what to do with your retirement account.

Typically, you have four options to consider...

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What's Your Money Personality?

Understanding your money personality is the first step toward financial health. It can help you uncover your approach to how you spend, save, and invest money—and where you may need to take action to increase your investing confidence.

Our personality largely dictates our response to money...

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Benefits of Offering a 401(k) to Employees?

401(k) retirement plans offer obvious benefits to employees—but they can benefit business owners as well. Some of these benefits aren’t quite so obvious. Employer benefits are an important factor when considering which retirement plan to offer employees...


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Will the Russia-Ukraine Conflict Impact the Stock Market?

One of the most popular questions we are getting from clients these days is "How will the Russia-Ukraine conflict affect the United States Stock Market going forward?" As Russian and Ukrainian forces square off, many investors are wondering if...

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3 Ways Calsavers will Impact Business Owners

Owning and operating a small business is no easy task. The smallest changes in cost can have significant effects. For those small businesses, the implementation of the CalSavers program could become a small hassle—or pose potentially larger challenges...

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What is CalSavers?

The Employment Development Department (EDD) has stated, CalSavers is a retirement savings program for private sector workers whose employers do not offer a retirement plan.

Gavin Newsom has said “CalSavers is leveling the playing field for millions...


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5 Retirement Mastery Principles

One perk that has come from working with savvy, well-seasoned investors over the years has been gaining valuable insights from their life stories. Hearing about their highs, their lows and everything in between that life can serve us while we are persevering to build families, businesses, and a retirement nest egg...

Preparing for the Calsavers Deadline

Preparing for the CalSavers Deadline

CalSavers is a state-run program that provides California's private-sector workers a retirement plan. Through the program, the millions of workers whose employers currently don't provide retirement programs can receive a Roth IRA. The plan mandates that any employer with 5 or more employees must offer a retirement plan.

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5 Shocking Baby Boomer Statistics

The Baby Boom that occurred from 1946 to 1964 created a lot of babies—hence the name. Now, a lifetime later, those babies have grown into workers preparing for retirement. And, for some, retirement is coming very, very soon. So, that means everyone's prepared for their best retirement, right?

Well, not according to some of these statistics...

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How Dollar Strength Impacts Financial Markets

When you look at a currency converter, you might notice that the value of the U.S. Dollar can fluctuate. With the U.S. Dollar being a medium of exchange for trade worldwide, changes in the relative strength of the U.S. Dollar compared to foreign currencies can have many effects on industries, global economies, and asset prices within your investment accounts...

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Later in Life Investing

When you save for retirement, the hope is to build enough wealth that you can live comfortably after you retire. As you grow older, you might find that your expected social security income might not be enough for you to retire. So, what happens if you don't start investing until you're close to retirement age?

If you find you've started your investment...