Market Minutes from the Boardroom

April 2022

Contributors: Colby McFadden, Justin Singletary, and Patrick Morehead

Taming the Bear

Taming the Bear

With rising inflation, the recent spike in food and gas prices, and, the conflict in Ukraine weighing heavy on financial markets and investments, many investors are wondering what to expect next in the stock market, interest rates, and commodities.

In this month's Market Minutes from the board room, we give you a sneak peek of our Quarterly Client event where we reflect on the current state of the world, offer insight into the changes we are seeing in markets, and review developing potential opportunities in The US Dollar, Gold, the Stock Market, and Interest Rates.

The best part is that we made this easy for you.  No reading.  Just watch this video and enjoy.

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Patrick Morehead Director of Alternative Investments, Quiver Financial

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