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Why Ag Tech may be the next big investment trend for 2022

Yes, you read that right.  Technology related to the production of food and water may be the next big investment trend for 2022 and years to come.

And, no, we are not talking just about John Deere.  We are talking much bigger than your daddy's tractor. 

The world of Ag Tech is experiencing amazing advances that are striving to solve one of the biggest problems humans face in the future.  A lack of food and water.


As a result of the Baby Boomers to Millennials having an obsession with yoga pants and Marvin Gaye, there has been a big increase in baby-making which has led to too many people and not enough food and water.  Luckily, for synthetic materials and Motown music playlists, technology may be here to save the day, so baby-making can continue, for now.  

From drones that can identify crop infestations to artificial intelligence tracking clouds and weather.  There is no end to how the old world of agriculture has collided with the new world of technology creating opportunities for investments that might make the world a better place.  

With the Biden administration and the EU backing social movements surrounding the topics of the environment, climate change, and the economy we suspect a long-term growth trend could be in the early phases and possibly be poised for take-off if food inflation rises further.

Come learn about the growing world of Agricultural Technology and catch the next investment wave with us.

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